Friday, September 12, 2008

I know it's scary....

I know the TV footage is kind of freaking some of you out -- we've had lots of calls! :-)

But really, we're okay. We're a couple of hours inland from what you're seeing in Galveston and Surfside Beach.

I will say, though, that you're going to hear a lot of stories over the next few days that are just going to break your heart. In spite of efforts to evac everyone from Galveston and that area, there are still people there. There are people on the Seawall right now clowning around and taking pictures. All the debris spread around them isn't giving them a clue.

I just heard a story on TV that was so, so sad. They had a guy on Crystal Beach on the phone. He and his wife are in their house -- the water is already at 5 feet -- and the storm isn't anywhere near here yet. They had planned to get out, but when they tried the ferry was already closed. "It's in the Lord's hands," is what he said. He thinks they could handle a 15-foot surge, but not the 20-foot that they're predicting. It was so sad to hear the fear in his voice. When asked about a rescue, he said they were older and couldn't do the whole climb on the roof to get in a basket hung from a helicopter thing.

He's not the only one. There are reports of families with small children "riding it out" all along the coast. I just can't understand how you could do that. The authorities have made it perfectly clear they'll get you out -- even with pets. And these people just stay put.

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