Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Party

Okay. We're having a hurricane party in my neighbor's driveway, but I took a second to run over and upload some pix. I still haven't gotten an answer on tying a cat to a tree, but I'm working on it.

Everyone's sitting outside, drinking wine / beer and checking out the wind. And we do have wind. Nothing huge or worrisome yet, but wind. It's kind of whistling around the house -- but nothing like what we're expecting later tonight.

No wind in the house. No AC, either. At least upstairs. It seems that our AC, like our microwave, decided to pick the most inopportune time to go out. I've got a service call in for both, so hopefully we'll be on the top of the stack when they get back to work (in 2-3 weeks, I'm sure.)

I've put all the pictures (mainly loose ones and in albums) downstairs -- just in case. The girls will sleep downstairs as well. We're not supposed to see any tornadoes on our side of the storm, but please be praying for our cousins -- the Wiggins clan. They live about where we live in relation to Houston -- just on the east side of town.

This seems like a really unusual way to park your car. The only thing I can gather is that if it gets pushed by the wind, it'll go across the yard -- not into the garage.

Our neighbor across the street (owner of Bob the cat -- the ones Jake attacked while we were on the cruise), is on his way back from Japan. His flight got cancelled, so he flew to L.A. instead. He's flying from there to Austin and renting a car to drive in. The guys helped his wife bring their giant frisbie / gazebo into the garage.

Kait took this.
I don't know if you'll be able to tell the difference in this. The video with Kait was taken at 6:30 -- when the winds were starting to pick up. The second video is about 8:00.

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JSue said...

Are you sure you don't live on my street? That totally sounds like our neighbors.

In your search for a church home, you must at least drop by Bammel for a visit.

BTW - we're both in Cypress, no reason why you guys can't come over for dinner sometime!!

Miss you guys!