Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Humor

One of my favorite sources for hurricane info is Eric Berger -- the Sci Guy over at the Houston Chronicle. He runs a blog that pretty much focuses solely on hurricanes this time of year. And if there's something brewing out there, he'll do an online chat of sorts to answer questions.

A huge percentage of people ask, over and over, if they should board up their windows on such-and-such a street. And there's no telling how many times people in Katy have asked if they need to evacuate. And he's always really patient about saying, "No."

During Eduardo he got a question that was something like, "If I'm in the north loop at 8:45 in the morning and am driving an SUV that is 12 inches off the ground and a wind gust from the southeast hits me at 45 mph, is that going to be a bad thing?"

Anyway, yesterday some guy from the Woodlands wrote into the chat and asked, "I really don't want to bring my dog into the house during the hurricane because he might leave a brownie on the carpet. Can I just tie him to a tree?"

Eric's response: "Why don't you at least put him in the garage? Would you want to be tied to a tree during a hurricane??"

Today's chat read, "I might add, in an attempt to forestall such questions being asked during the chat, that it is NOT safe to chain your dog to a tree during a hurricane in order to prevent said dog from leaving a "brownie" on the carpet."

Now that we've got that covered, what about a cat??


TexPatriate said...

This gives new meaning to "You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie".

Thank you for my hysterical laughter and need to wipe off my monitor.

Kayren said...

Kitty cats don't leave brownies on the floor they use their litter boxes so they can stay inside and can avoid the whole tree thing ; )