Saturday, August 30, 2008

There's no such thing as a free lunch....

But there are free financial planning seminars.

Here's the scoop... You've all heard me talk about my "money guy," Anthony Patton. What you may not know is that Anthony is apparently the only male on the planet who is brave enough to be one of the Team Tiara Walkers. Whether or not we'll get him to wear a tiara on the actual walk remains to be seen.

Tiara or not, Anthony rocks. Anthony has raised for Mass Mutual to give us $5000 for the Breast Cancer 3-Day. That's right! $5000!!! Do you have any idea how many mammograms that will pay for??

All we have to do is invite our friends to a SHORT finanacial planning seminar. We get $250 for each 20 people who listen to this extremely likable guy explain why financial health is as important as health-health.

AND he provides the snacks!!!

If you'd be interested in hosting a seminar in your corner of the world, please shoot him an email at He'll go just about anywhere in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana (well, maybe not Coastal LA this week).... you get the drift!!

Anthony will do all the work -- he'll set up the location AND bring the snacks. You just get to bring your friends!!!

AND help save lives!!!

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