Wednesday, August 27, 2008

John, Maureen, Michelle, Kathryn, Leigh & Brian -- Their Story

Hi to all,

This is why we will walk.

In life we strive to accomplish goals, jobs and for me lists of things that keep me running daily. Last April, I met D’Lyn Biggs and she spoke with a super-charged enthusiasm about a Three- Day walk for Breast Cancer organized by Susan G. Komen for the Cure. At that time I started to think about how important my committing to the cause really is.

Now, the 3-Day walk in Fort Worth is a goal I want to accomplish. My daughters Michelle and Kathryn will be walking with me. My daughter Leigh wanted to do the walk as well, and she, without a doubt, will when she is 16. This year she will be there with John and Brian cheering us on and encouraging us to finish. I tell our story with love in my heart for all the women mentioned and all those who have been touched by the disease. My girls and I look at the walk as a celebration, uniting lives in hope, strength and courage…

In 1996, my husband John lost his wife Tama at the age of 35. They had three young and beautiful girls: Michelle 7, Kathryn 5 and Leigh 2. The loss John, the girls and their families experienced is immeasurable. In my heart families who lose so much and can look to the future and live, not forget but live, are truly survivors also. With loving memory of Tama and in her honor we will walk to celebrate her life, strength and courage. It is our hope that our actions will help make breast cancer a speed bump in the road we call life and not a stop sign.

With this thought I think about this year and that Breast Cancer is running amok again. Two more women… John’s sister Jane McNally, and my brother-in-law Bob’s sister Terry Condon. Both have been diagnosed, both are receiving treatment. We will walk with love to honor their lives, their strength and their courage with the faith that they will be survivors and will perhaps honor us by walking with us next year.

A disease can render us helpless or we can fight…we will think of all we know fighting diseases and walk towards the finish… a cure.

May God Bless each of you, and thank you in advance for helping the fight.


A Note from D'Lyn: Maureen and I met in Costa Rica on a trip with Dresser this spring. I'm afraid I was extolling the virtues of the 3-Day on and on and on.... And there I found out what a toll breast cancer had taken in their lives.

I am so glad Maureen, Michelle and Kathryn will be walking with us this year. Having done the walk last year after Mom passed away, I know how much healing I gained from it. I think it will be an amazingly powerful weekend in the lives of the entire Parrish family.

As hard as it was to lose my mother as an adult, I can't imagine having to grow up without her. The price this family has had to pay has been far too high.

For their family, joining the walk will not be easy. Each walker has to raise $2200, relying on our friends and family members for help. The Parrish family must raise $6600 for Maureen and the girls to walk. I know you'll agree with me that that's a significant amount.

If you'd like to help sponsor Maureen, Michelle or Kathryn in the Walk, please go to our Team's Website and click on any of their names. Thank you so much for your help -- for making it possible for them to do this walk, and once and for all take a stance against breast cancer.

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