Friday, August 8, 2008

I LOVE it when HE does that!!!

I can't really tell you what it's been like this year being the Team Leader for Team Tiara. Our team for the 3-Day has grown so huge, so fast -- it's been quite overwhelming at times!!!

Fundraising is one area that has really stressed me out. It just has. I know it shouldn't, but it has. Making sure all our "chicks" get to walk has been crazy!!!

A couple of days ago, I posted a few of my teammates stories. If you haven't read Debra Adams' yet, please do. Hers is a story of long-distance friendship. A friendship I can relate to since I was an exchange student in Germany when in high school. My friend Britta is a dear, sweet friend -- and the idea of losing her to breast cancer or something else is really more than I could bear.

But Debra lost her friend. And decided to take a bold step and walk in her memory -- even though raising $2200 in a fairly short amount of time seemed huge.

Guess what? Today God showed her in a VERY big way that HE takes care of her. A friend of hers from high school donated $1000. AND his company has matching funds. In one phone call, she received $2000 -- more than she needed to complete her fundraising. How cool is that? Yes, God is GOOD!!!!

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Kayren said...

Wow!! That is amazing!!!