Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Germans are Coming! The Germans are Coming!!

Gudren called Nelva to let her know they're flying into Boston on September 3. They'll walk the Freedom Trail for a few days, then they're going to make their way to Texas via the Grand Ole Opry and the Kentucky horse farms. (Wouldn't Abbie love to be in their suitcases for that??)

But the best part ever? For the first time, they're coming to visit me!!!! I can hardly contain myself. When the Germans come it's like Christmas and birthday and Valentines all wrapped up in one. In Old Fluvanna, we really got jazzed about the Germans. People have been known to paint houses, redecorate bathrooms and host big barbecues.

Mike and Gudren are the kind of people who really live life to its fullest. Everything is an adventure. Everything is fun. They love everything Texas!!! I can't wait!!

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