Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Elizabeth de Moraes -- Her Story

D'Lyn's Note: Eli was a member of Team Talent -- the group of 17 flown to LA to shoot the 3-Day TV commercials. If you want to see her in action, scroll to the bottom of the page and watch the commercials -- she's the one with the halo! In a twist that only God can add to a situation, Eli's husband Andre now works for Biggs' company. How cool is that??

From Eli:

There are a number of reasons why I started my journey on the 3-day, which I will share in another email, but the most top of mind reason I walk this year is to honor the memory of a dear friend of ours, Stephanie Gaworski, who unfortunately went to be with God and Jesus today.

She was an amazing example of courage to us all and will be sorely missed. With two teenaged kids, a wonderful husband, parents and family and friends left behind, our hearts truly are aching right now. If you go to the Dallas page on the 3-day site (and if you are walking in Dallas, which I believe most of us are), a picture of her and her son grace the top of your personal donation page. We had a FABULOUS time during that photo/commercial shoot where a number of us had a pleasure and honor of meeting them and getting to know. You can also hear them in the Breast Cancer 3-day Documercial. We HAVE to keep fighting to find a cure, guys. This cancer robs us of life and that is just not right. I'll write more later, but have to first absorb what happened today and the numbness that is coming from it. I love you all and look forward to us all joining forces to eradicate this disease.Elizabeth (Eli)

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