Monday, August 25, 2008

Does this Make me an Empty-Nester?

Hello World,
Today I sent my baby off to Kindergarten. Well, I sort of sent her. You see, she wanted to ride the bus more than anything. She's been talking about riding the bus for the last year. This child who barely missed the cut-off date for Kindergarten last year was more than ready for this morning to roll around.

Her Mamma wasn't.

Kaitlyn is my cuddle-bug, my little monkey. She loves to jump up, with those skinny little legs wrapped around my waist and hang on. She loves "kissies." She runs far more than she walks -- seldom walking very far before breaking into a run. She's getting more and more athletic all the time. She's sweet -- unless she's ready to pick a fight with her big sister.

Sure, she can be whiney at times, but that's more my fault than hers. I must admit to "babying" her at times. With her being as cute as she is, it's awful hard not to baby her.

But this child is fearless. She loves to ride anything that can be pulled behind a boat. She does flips off the diving board and dock that most children her age wouldn't even attempt. When we fish, she's the "shrimp girl" -- gleefully fetching live shrimp from the bucket for me to use as bait.

This is the child who potty-trained herself before she was two. And pretty well taught herself to ride bike without training wheels.

She loves books. She loves the library. She loves chocolate chip cookies and milk and ice cream and pizza. She loves chicken salad.

She has the cutest splash of freckles across her nose and a deep tan that reminds me of my childhood.

I wonder what life has in store for Kait. Will she run cross-country in high school? Where will she go to college? Will she be a doctor, a teacher or a stay-at-home Mom?

This morning I walked Kaitlyn & Abbie to the bus stop. Took a few pictures and put them on the bus. Unable to find my car keys, I rode my bike to the school and waited for their bus to unload. Walked them to class. Took pictures with their teachers. Said Hi to my friends in the office and left.

The girls were thrilled to be back at school. These two embrace learning. They love making new friends. School was made for kids like ours.

I can't wait to hear what stories they'll have to tell when they get home!


Kayren said...

OK I cried when I dropped Cooper (just a bit) but I cried more after reading this. I can't believe that you sent both of them to school today! What did you do with yourself? I think it is great that you rode your bike to meet them there! What a great mom you are!!!

D'Lyn said...

Let's see... I spent forever looking for my car keys, went up to school to help with Kinder lunch, ran to "town" (Wal-Mart), did a bit of cleaning on the house, back up to school for Bus Buddies (Our bus isn't air-conditioned!) and just got home!