Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Christine Swan -- Her Story

I guess I really don't have a story per se. I just wanted to do something good. I also wanted to support my sister-n-law Angie Swan, who is also walking. Her mother was a survivor.

There are also friends of my family who are survivors with whom I am honored to walk in their name. My aunt and two uncles and someone very close to my mother all died of some sort of cancer and although it wasn't breast cancer, I still feel honored to walk for them as well.

There is some irony in my not story. Last week, I was diagnosed with FCBD (fibrocystic breast disease) which isn't breast cancer but needs to be monitored and can cause great pain. But I thought about this walk in depth as I was sitting in the waiting room at the hospital awaiting my ultrasound. I'm always running things that I'm doing or need to do in my mind so I was thinking about the walk and the women was fought this battle. The irony is that I signed up to walk to do something good and then there I was getting treated.

I don't think that my minor situation is anything close to what those brave women endured. I can only imagine what they and their families went through. So while I'm trying to live a better life and do some good, I'm putting myself out there for any women who needs support. In doing this, I've also cut 9 inches of my hair and sent it to Locks of Love, who has accepted it on behalf of those children who are in need.

Thanks for caring. I feel blessed to be part of this.


If you'd like to support the Breast Cancer 3-Day with a donation in Christine's name, please check out her website.

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