Friday, August 15, 2008

Alright Ya'll, I Need Your Prayers!!!

I have a prayer request. While I have a ton of heart for the 3-Day and love the fundraising end (and I'm good at it!) and the spirit, it seems my feet really aren't that functional. Between my ultra-high arches and the plantar fasciitis, last year was a chore. This year I've developed neuromas in both feet -- what's happened is that my feet are so small, and my bones so tightly knit together, that it causes nerve damage when I put too much stress on them. Between the bikini bootcamp, water arobics and training for the 3-Day, I put way too much stress on them. Yesterday I had shots in both feet and it continued to throb overnight.

So here's my prayer request... Please pray for healing in my feet and for me to find a way to 3-Day without putting my mobility as an 80-year-old at risk. I'm not sure what that path is going to be for me next year -- should I take a year to crew? Should I be a walker who's mainly a fixture in the sweep vans? I know there's a lot of service that could be done there. Should I apply for a staff position again if any come up, now that I'm not doing the preschool shuffle every day??

I covet your prayers.

Love ya,

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