Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We're Home!

I just sent this to a friend, but it pretty much sums things up....

We're finally home after 8 days, 2000 miles, too many potty stops to count, one new nephew, one meal of birthday lunch left-overs, one rodeo grand entry, one calf scramble, brisket for dinner three nights in a row, one family reunion, one chuck wagon dinner complete with gunfight, a swim in a hotel pool, three hikes up a mountain (big hill :-)), a trip to the races, four wins on bets, one loss, three crazy go-cart races, one midnight bear-hunting trip, 12 bump gates that had to be held open, one hike through the Sonora Caverns, one visit to the Indian paint rocks, one rain dance and the bottle feeding of one dogie angora kid and 20 fawns that still had spots.

Tons of pictures & video to follow soon!

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