Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh my Goodness -- Report from Sargent Beach!

We are having a blast! The girls and I came down on Monday and fell into a marvelous routine. The beach in the morning from about 10-12, then lunch, then trip to the library or store for ice cream, break in the afternoon and swimming from about 4-6. Biggs got here last night, though, and our routine is already shot. That's okay, though, we needed him to put the boat in the water!!!

Tomorrow we're going to Sea Center Texas to check out the touch tank, aquariums and fish hatchery. On to Academy to get me some new ski gloves since mine have cratered, and maybe a trip to see Wall-E at the movies.

The Lamy's are coming in tomorrow and maybe the Bruins. Hoping to see Kelly Owen & her kids next week. It's a blast!

I did drive the boat some today and pulled Biggs on the wakeboard. It still makes me way nervous, and I almost put it in reverse and backed over him once, but I still managed to get us all home safe.

More details soon. And pictures when we get home! I do have to say.... We're going to have to come up with something new to do -- seriously, how many pictures can I post of the girls in an inner tube??

Big Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Can't believe you actually get reception -- even with John's gadget. Glad you are having fun. Wish I could have joined you for a day or so. Hello to Lamys and Bruins.

Kate said...

Sounds fun! Better than meetings and conference calls and emails all day!!

D'Lyn said...

Oh no! While my cell does get reception down here, the girls and I have discovered the local library. They get more funding if they get more traffic -- and I get to take care of my email addiction!!!