Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Money for Nothing & Your Clicks for Free

Money for Nothing and Your Clicks for Free

Please visit and click on the google ad. Every click earns a few cents to find a cure for breast cancer.

Top Ten Reasons to Tap it for the Ta-Ta’s

10. It don’t cost nothin’
9. You don’t have to sign up for nothin’
8. You can tell all of your friends about it and you get to say “boobies.” The more friends you tell, the more times you get to say “boobies.”
7. It’s better than a sharp stick in the eye.
6. If you’re going to click anyway, you might as well click for a cause.
5. It’s fun and all the kids are doing it.
4. There are 0 carbs in clicking for the cause.
3. It does not require any special skills – just a working mouse.
2. No animals will be harmed in the clicking for the cause.
1. You are raising money to find a cure for breast cancer!!!

Seriously. Go to the site. Click the ad. That’s it! One single click yesterday earned 67 cents!

-- From my precious friend, Caroline

Update from Caroline:
The only rule I'm aware of is that I can't click on it because I set it up. You can click several times, but then it won't allow you to click any more. You don't have to be on the site for any certain amount of time. So far it shows 37 clicks, which has earned $26.65.

From D'Lyn again:
I do think it earns more the longer you stay on there, but I'm not sure.

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Kate said...

Do you know any details about this - like how often can you do it?

Because if there isn't a limit, I'll just click like crazy on my lunch hour or something.