Friday, July 25, 2008

Luv the Babcocks

Hey! The Babcock clan was just here for a short visit!! Check it out!

Here's sweet Zoe on the quilt her Auntie D'Lyn made her.

All the kids -- and Jake.
Cooper LOVES Jake. I tried to send him home with them, but Kayren didn't think he'd fit in the car. They do, however, have a stray cat that's been hanging out in their backyard. I told her Jake could solve that problem in no time!

Cooper's decided he and Jake are going to be pen pals. This should be fun!

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Kayren said...

I love the picture of our kids on the steps. It shows how long we have been friends. Through thick and thin! I also love the picture of Cooper and Jake! After I spoke with Cooper's OT today and Jeff it looks like we will be getting a dog in the near future! YIKES! Love the quilt soo much! Thanks again for our visit!