Monday, July 14, 2008

I am Having the BEST Day!!!

I know I've been a bit quiet on the whole blogging business for the last week or so, but things have just been pretty quiet around here. We've done a lot of swimming and a lot of having friends over to play.

Last Wednesday, the girls and I went over to Mimi's, so I could walk and they could swim. What was supposed to be an 8-mile walk with my walking buddies turned into about an 11-mile walk. My shoes had maybe 1 mile left in them, so by Thursday morning I was paying the price. I always try to make my shoes go farther than I should! So Thursday I was at Luke's Locker when they opened buying yet another pair of shoes. What fun!

Biggs was in Spain all last week, so the girls and I just spent Wednesday night with Mimi & Pa. Lots of fun all the way around. The girls conned Mimi into a trip to Learning Express for more Webkins. As if we don't have enough!

Friday morning I woke up and decided the girls and I needed to do something healthy. Sooo... we rode our bikes to the donut shop! We stopped back by the playground at Ault for a little while. Kaitlyn loves playgrounds. Abbie's getting a bit past them, I think. But Kait's all over it.

So now we come to today. A REALLY cool day. I'm kind of in the middle of a Perfect Storm -- but the good kind.

I know ya'll have all heard me talk a ton about working out and losing all this weight. Part of the reason why I share it all is because I want to share that it doesn't matter where you are in your life -- it's never too late to start getting in shape. In our family, the gene pool where our health is concerned is nothing to brag about. And that's part of the reason I take the girls with me when I go to water aerobics -- I want them to see me having fun while exercising. I want them to see me making it a priority in my life.

So this weekend I hit another milestone. Since March 2007, I've lost 20 pounds!!! That's right! I've gone from 150 to 130. From a 10-12 to a 2-4-6. (Okay. I have one pair of size 2 shorts that fit -- so that counts. Right??) I don't have any hang-ups about telling you where I started. If you don't know where you started, there's no way to know how far you've come.

I haven't weighed 130 since Grease was re-released into the theaters. That means that SO many of my friends have never seen me where I am now. But I guess you could really say no one has ever seen me here ever. EVER. Even though my weight has been "down here" before, I wasn't in the shape I am now -- with my two little biceps and my "one-pack!"

So anyway, after stepping on the scales this morning and seeing that I was still at 130, a lightbulb went on.

"I wonder if that dress fits."

You know what I mean. You have a that dress. Everyone does. The one that hangs in the back of the closet. The one you just can't get rid of no matter how many Good Housekeeping articles you read about purging your wardrobe.

My dress is black. Sleeveless. Has crocheted lace around the waist. Mid-calf length. Talbots, circa 1996. A classic, according to my Mom.

Some of you will remember it. I wore it a lot.

I wore it to Kelly Lyon's wedding. My "intro" night into the Nimitz crowd. The night Mrs. Sullivan said, "I think we've met before." And I said, "I think that was one of the other girlfriends."

The night I got a little tipsy and Alan got more than a little tipsy, and we sat on the steps at the Majestic and had a heart-to-heart. And he told me I'd better not break his big brother's heart -- that Biggs was sensitive.

The dress.

And it Fits.


I went upstairs and had a big party with a box of old clothes I just can't part with. Memories. Many of them outfits my Mom made me.

White linen. Talbots. Wore it to all my wedding showers. Zip!

Way too short dress from Old Navy. Bought it while Biggs and I were dating. On a shopping trip with Jenny Wilkins before she and I had the world's biggest falling out. (Well, the world's biggest at that time.) Zip!

Black and cream long dress with short sleeves that originated in Kayren's closet (I think.) Zip!

Haven't found my hunter green still-starched Rockies, but I'm looking!!!

Ring Dance Dress. Okay. Confession time. Still won't zip. But what was I back then? Maybe a buck-ten??

Anyway, I'm having one of the coolest days ever. And I just had to share. And I have to say that the whole Facebook thing really has kind of helped make this a "good" perfect storm! I love it that it's so easy to reconnect with so many people I haven't heard from in forever!

Today I touched base with Janet Laminack -- one of my old buddies in the AFC. Janet just got back from two years in Ecuador with the Peace Corps. How cool is that??

They had a Facebook and MySpace seminar yesterday at church -- it was geared at protecting your teenagers. I really needed to go to pick up some tips on how to use the thing. But I'm guessing sending "Flair" probably wasn't on their list. If you haven't joined Facebook I recommend it! It's great for reconnecting with old friends while you sit here in a dress you haven't worn since 1997 -- that isn't in style enough to wear it to church, but who cares???


Kayren said...

You totally suck that you can wear that dress- I love that dress! It was one that I bought at my skinniest of skinny. It might fit my right leg now : )--- I am very very very proud and happy for you of course! Keep up the good work!

D'Lyn said...

Kayren! It has shoulder pads!!!!