Sunday, July 6, 2008

Catching up....

We've had a hectic week or so, so I'm just now getting these up on the blog.

Here's Kait in the middle of Powdered-sugar donut Heaven!

We went to Dallas last weekend for a whirlwind of activity. Friday night, the Tiara Gang gathered at Rudy's BBQ in Frisco. It just happened to be the day after Anthony's birthday, so we thought we were surprising him with a birthday cake. Turns out, it would have been a surprise if Biggs hadn't told him about it!!!!

On Saturday, we celebrated Kodie & Kamy's birthdays at Amber's house. We were supposed to host a baby shower for Amber on Sunday, but the kids and I had to leave to get to Snyder for Uncle Keith's funeral. While we were at the church, we got word that Jack Martin had passed away. Jack was Jacquelyn Wills, Jeffrey Martin, Judy Church and Janet Merritt's dad. So the girls and I adjusted our schedule to be able to stay an extra day and go to the visitation.

Uncle Keith's funeral was so sweet. They had put his saddle on his casket -- so fitting. We got to spend time with Grandpa Weldon, and a lot of the aunts, uncles and cousins. The girls were thrilled to meet "new cousins" their age -- Jon's girls Sidney and Abigail. We're going to the Lloyd family reunion at the end of July, and the girls are really looking forward to getting to know Sidney and Abigail even better!

On Monday, Abbie & Kait rode Simon out at Uncle Max's. That Simon is a horse with a mind of his own. It's virtually impossible for the girls to get him out of walk -- which is an especially good thing when Kait is on his back! Max decided it was time for the girls to learn to ride poles, and they did a great job!

Jane and Don worked really hard on the riding lesson! :-) Don is doing better -- but still not 100%. Please continue to pray for his recovery and for strength and energy for Granny Nelva.

Here are a couple of video clips of the girls. Max and I both tried to run Simon around the poles. It was kind of a contest, but I'm pretty sure neither one of us won.

Things are so dry out there right now. The winds have blown hard, sapping all of the moisture out of the fields, and they aren't going to have much of a cotton crop this year -- if at all. The one bright spot is in our pastures. After the fires, God blessed us with some great rains. We have great grass, and the tank in the Home pasture is comepletely full. The tank in the Park Pasture also has water in it -- not a common occurrence! The guys may have to hunt around water this fall, but at least they'll have some to hunt around!

We spent Tuesday night with Carla in her new house! We were their first slumber party! Then, we got back here late on Wednesday. Here's the annual July 4th Parade picture. We may not have been at "Our Tree" in Plano, but we're blessed to have good friends to go to the parade with us!!! From the left, Meghan (Amanda's best friend from Canada), Amanda, Abbie, Hannah and Kaitlyn. Amanda and Hannah live across the street and have been a huge blessing to the Biggs family!

So that's it!! One really cool thing happened while we were gone! Team Tiara's goal was to top $38,000 in fundraising by the end of June. That would mean we were topping last year's total. Well.... We topped $39,000!!!! How cool is that?? We still have five months to finish our fundraising. Hang on to your hats!!

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Congratulations on topping your goal for June. That's great!... btw, how many people are on Team Tiara?

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