Sunday, June 15, 2008

Update on my Uncle Keith

Please continue to pray for my Uncle Keith and his family. I just got this update....

"The doctors have said the tumor is a stage 4. Right now it is looking like they won t be doing any radiation or chemo. He will be at the Hendricks Rehab a few more weeks and then if she (Aunt Carol) can at all she will take him home and try to keep him comfortable.

He is very confused and too many in the room at one time adds to his confusion so if you go visit just know he probably won t know you.

This is really hard on her and Sid , Jason and the grandkids."

I know that all the cards we got last year were a boost to Mom and to the rest of us. I know you don't all know them, but if you want to send a card to them, their address is: Keith & Carol Lloyd, 700 S Kindred, Loraine Tx 70532.

Thanks for your prayers.
- d.

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