Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Prayers Needed

You know, there are so many people out there who need out prayers right now!

Soleah, a friend's daughter, who has Trisomy 13 and is in ICU recovering from surgery to put rods in her back for scoliosis.

Uncle Don is back in the hospital -- needed some "pumping up" via IV.

My friend Szalan, who has a needle biopsy scheduled for Thursday -- she was a fellow AFC'er at A&M, a bridesmaid in our wedding, and has a son who is autistic. Her plate is full already.

And then there's my Uncle Keith and his family. This is part of an email I received yesterday: Told him last Wed. (About his brain tumor.) He said he is really getting worse fast. They will go to Abilene to do blood work Wed. and if the time stays the same he will have that biopsy about 1030 Fri.

There's little Elise Goertz, who we've been praying for for so long. She's finally gotten her appetite back but is back in hospital with complications from her chemo ports.

And Amy Martin -- She had a port put in which will make the chemo process much easier for her. Please pray for abundant energy for Amy as she juggles getting well with being a Mom to three precious children.

And Milton -- who had a stint put in last week. Praise God they caught the blocked artery before it reached 100%!!

And I'm sure there are tons others that I could list. But it's so overwhelming. Please continue to pray for all of these.

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