Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh my Goodness!!!

I totally forgot to share the most "out there" part of this weekend's trip to the Creek.

Saturday afternoon, the guys took the three "big" girls fishing. But they were headed to the Bay, and that was a bit much for Kassidy. So we took her for a treat -- snow cones!

There's this little Snow Cone shack that I'd been to before. It's really a little travel trailer with a cover built over it. To the left of it there are several picnic tables with a carport built over them as well. The travel trailer is rather ancient, run-down and painted red, white and blue.

The guy who runs it serves Mexican food on Fridays and Saturdays "until he runs out." Gumbo, too. And just about anything cooked in grease. As you step up to the window to order, the smell of old grease pretty much overpowers you.

I've not tried the food. Just the snow cones.

So we order three snow cones. You don't pay up front -- you pay when he serves them?? Anyway, we move over to the picnic tables to wait. It's so calm out there. And quiet. Really relaxing.

In a second, he comes over to say he's out of ice... He's catered (yes, catered!) the women's auxiliary luncheon and a wedding reception that day, and it appears someone from the wedding reception made off with his big ice chest of drinks -- something that seems to be a common problem in Sargent.

So we wait as he drives to the Texaco to get ice. And we take in our surroundings.

Across the canal, there's a really run-down house with a boat pulled up to a ramshackle dock. There are laundry lines hanging up, filled with what appear to be burgundy sheets. And a bunch of clothes.

As we sit there, a rather large, scruffy dog attacks one of the sheets, pulls it off the line, and drags it across the yard.

In a little bit, an equally scruffy old man comes out in his Tidy Whities!!! to retrieve the sheet, rehang it and putter around in the yard -- as if he wasn't in full view of God and Everyone.

It was a hoot!!! We ended up getting free snow cones and a free show!

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