Monday, June 16, 2008

More Creek Fun!!!

The really cool boats have Mermaids on them. We got Jake, the Wondermutt. He did pretty good in the boat -- but one quick stop and he would have been swimming!! Jake really loves the Creek. There, he can be a REAL DOG. He chases boats up and down all day. And he has "Creek Buddies" -- Griff & Gwen, two chocolate labs next door.

Here are Kait & Kassidy on the tube. It's easy to do "no hands" when you're only going 5 mph!

I love this look on Kait's face!

Abs has gotten really good at going out of the wake. She gets really ticked when she can't get out there.

Katarina was in Abbie's class last year!

Whew! Still makes my heart sing after all these years!!

Abs & Kat on the tube...

Kait & Kass on the tube...

This is my desperate attempt to keep Abbie from sunburning. Once the summer is done, I plan to confiscate this hat for the 3-Day. Isn't it a doozy???

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