Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Prayers Needed

I had a post written about this, but then it went away -- don't ask. Anyway, my Uncle Keith was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week. I don't know if he even knows yet -- they've been waiting for a neurologist to be the one to tell him. I do know it's the fast-growing kind, that he's been having spells for a few months, and that they have him on steroids which seems to be helping the swelling stay down.

They were supposed to see the neurologist today.

My Uncle Keith has played a big role in my life. Growing up, I don't remember him as much as I do his son Clay. Clay and I were about the same age. I remember a trip to Luling one Thanksgiving to spend time with them -- and how Sid was wearing shorts in November, and Mom thought that was nuts.

But the "big role" stuff didn't start until later. When I was in the 8th grade -- headed into my Freshman year -- I called Uncle Keith and told him I wanted to show steers. That was the start of something big -- and it had a huge impact on me and the adult I eventually became. Keith was always there to support us. A quiet, strong presence.

My Mom always thought a lot of Uncle Keith -- it meant a lot to her that he still considered her family even after she and Dad split up.

And then, last year, when she went to be with Jesus, most of the Lloyds were gathered in Ruidoso for a family reunion. Keith was the one I asked for when I called to let them know. Mom would have wanted that.

So please pray for my Uncle Keith, for a treatment plan that will rid him of the tumor. For peace for his family. And for wisdom for the doctors.


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