Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pampered Chef Fundraiser Through May 30!!!

*** NOTE: If sales on this fundraiser reach $500, the 3-Day will get 25% of the sales! We're at $350 now! My goal is $1000! Think we can do it??

Hello All!!!
THE Suzanne Dickson, a really cool chick who works up at Abbie's school, is helping me host an online Pampered Chef Fundraiser for the 3-Day.

If you're a Pampered Chef fiend like I am, I'm guessing there are a couple of things you NEED!

You can log onto the party at:, go to the Our Products section, select the link below the products they would like to purchase, and enter "Breast Cancer 3-Day" where it says first name / organization.

Be sure to check out the cute pink stuff they have for their Breast Cancer awareness month!

AND if you want to book a party or fundraiser off this party, PC will donate $3 to the 3-Day!! How cool is that???

OH! And if you don't live near here -- PLEASE have your order shipped to your home!!!

If you need a few ideas, I love my...

Batter bowls
Stoneware -- especially the pizza stone and mini loaf pan (makes 4 mini loaves)
Food Chopper
Mix n Scraper
Bread Knife
Paring knives
Adjustable Measuring Spoons....

Okay. It's late. Those should get you started!
- d.

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