Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kait's Preschool Graduation

Kait's Preschool Graduation (or Grad-yee-ay-tion as she says it) was last night. It was so hard for me. Not because Biggs was stuck in West Virginia with a plane that had brake issues. And not because this my baby and this is the end of preschool for me.

I just kept thinking, "Mom would have loved this."
"Mom would be eating this up."
"Mom would be here."
"Mom should be here."


Kait was so incredibly cute. They did a program first, then had the graduation part -- cap and gown, the whole works. Even had that gold ribbon around her neck -- surely they know she's destined for National Honor Society or Beta Club or whatever. But she really was a hoot to watch!

This is the program part -- that's her friend Lily on her right.

I love this picture! She looks so studious checking out her new Bible.

I kind of think this looks more like the Flying Nun than a graduation picture, but it's cute either way!

I have no idea why this one came out grainy -- but here Kait is with her teacher, Mrs. Ritchie.

And here she is with Big Sister Abbie. Abbie, of course, wanted to know why she never had a graduation like that. I, on the other hand, think it's great Kait got to do something Abbie has never done. How rare! I wish you could see all of Abs' dress in this picture. It looks so pretty on her!


TexPatriate said...


Take it from me.

Your mom WAS there. You might not have been able to see her, but she was definitely there.

texasteach said...

Mimi and Pa can verify that Kait was a star of the show and Abs was a sophisticated looking big sister. And Sue did love it.