Saturday, May 17, 2008

Creek Pix

Okay... I'm am so far behind on just about everything around here! The GOOD news is Kait only has four more days of school -- then I can stop driving back and forth to The Met. And maybe I can get caught up.

Here are some cute Creek Pix from our trip with the Pattons. (Okay. Some aren't so cute!)

Here's Abs doing what she loves more than just about anything else!!! Kneeboarding!

Here's Meg -- I didn't get any pix of Emily -- we weren't in the boat at the same time, and when I wasn't in the boat, I was painting. I guess they'll have to come back!

Yes, we're the crazy people who put 5-year-olds on kneeboards. Kait LOVES it -- about as much as Abbie does. And she rode that thing FOREVER. Biggs kept trying to throw her off. She even made it through a no-wake zone. We finally had to stop the boat and pull her off so someone else could ride.

Yep. There's the man I fell in love with -- 12 years ago!!!

And here I am. Thinking about doing a 360.

Into the 360.
Oh yeah. I did a 360 and then some -- under water!! Not quite as graceful as I had hoped! Oh well -- I needed a summer project! I do have to say, all the working out I've been doing sure makes it easier!

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Anonymous said...

Ok. The comments about John reminded me of us growing up with Papa driving Silver Streak and him trying to throw us off the innertube thingy that we all had so much fun riding on out on the lake. Remember the yellow board thing? Remeber the white bullet?
Remember family reunions at the lake?