Friday, April 11, 2008

Urgent! Prayers Needed! Updated

Amy (Lewis) Martin is having surgery this morning in Dallas. Aunt Nelva says she had been having pains in her side, went to the doctor and they found a tumor in her colon. Please pray for complete healing for Amy. And pray for safe travel for Carol and R.D.


I just talked to Shelly (Amy's sister for those of you who don't know her.) Amy was in surgery for about 1 1/2 hrs. which was shorter than they had expected. The surgeon thinks it was contained. He did take part of the abdominal wall because it looked like there was some there. But he said all the rest of the organs looked clean. Now they're waiting for test results on the lymph nodes.

Prayer Warriors... This family need fervent prayer right now. Shelly asked that we especially pray for Chad, Amy's husband. He's taking this pretty hard. And pray for Shelly -- she's on her way to Arlington to be there. And for just about everyone you can think of.

Amy's 36. She and Shelly and I all grew up together back in Old Fluvanna. I have so many memories of them. Shelly's the one who taught me that you could put mascara on while driving. Amy was one tough cookie on the basketball court. I remember one night when we stayed in Levelland for regional UIL and Shelly was doing exercises on the floor of our hotel room, and I just sat there and laughed. And I remember meeting up at the Fluvanna Community Center for 4-H and other stuff and wetting paper towels and throwing them at the ceiling to make them stick. When we were there for Mom's funeral last summer, some of them were still up there! Amy was such a fixture in my growing-up years, and I saw her a couple of weeks ago over Spring Break. She has three precious children -- wrapped around my kids' ages. Just pray for them all. Please.