Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trainer Update

All right! Here it is!!! My update!!!

Weigh-in was today. I'd lost 1.5 lbs. (even with a trip to the Creek this weekend). And my body fat percentage had gone done another 2%. AND.... My BMI was down 0.2. Not bad. Especially considering the trip to the Creek, and the fact that the flounder I order Saturday night was FRIED! (Not grilled like I expected!)

So... I had fajitas for lunch. So now, I'm back up 10 lbs. over where I started in January. (At least it feels like I am!)


Cissa said...

Okay, how did you make that cool little donate box on your page? I think the girl in it is cute! And I want one!

D'Lyn said...

Isn't there some rule about bragging on yourself? Oh wait. If you've done it, it's not bragging!!! I got your "widget" off the 3-Day website. I think it was talked about in the April newsletter.

I love that picture of you!!! You look like you're 12!!!
- d.