Thursday, April 17, 2008

Trainer Update

Okay.... It's been FOREVER since I've posted a trainer update. Really there wasn't much to say. I've been working out with Charlotte since January 23, and I've definitely been getting stronger. BUT I hadn't been losing any weight. Truth be told, after the trip to Costa Rica, the discovery of Friday night Catfish at this great little joint up on 2920, and the opening of Dave's Hoagie Hut here in Fairfield.... Well, let's just say the number on the scales wasn't exactly going down.

Then.... Last Monday I started a class up at the gym that is based on a book called Bikini Fit.

I am definitely out of my league on this one. The majority of the class started out wearing a bikini to class. Being me, though, and never, ever expecting to ever be in a bikini ever again, I wore my "grandma suit." (I have to say, though, I've progressed to another suit that doesn't resemble a nun's habit.)

It's kind of a complicated diet-and-exercise program. The diet has been all about detox and getting those "Grande Chai Latte Extra Hot with Soy and Caramel" addictions detoxified or whatever. So the first day we juiced. And juiced. And juiced. Day 2 -- Add Fruit. Day 3 -- Add raw Veggies. Day 4 -- Add cooked Veggies & Rice. Day 5 -- Add nuts, seeds, beans & lentils. Day 6 -- Add live yogurt & grains. Day 7 -- Add fish.

Now before you go off thinking that can't be healthy to do that, need I remind you of the fried catfish and philly cheesesteak part???

Anyway, so you combine this major detox stuff with workouts that would put The Biggest Loser to shame. Ouch. Luckily, after walking as many miles as I have and doing the weight training that I have, I have these amazingly strong abs. (I know. They're hidden under all that fat, but they're there!) That helps immensely. The only place I wuss out is on cardio -- something I've always had issues with. (Cue nightmares of Coach May, jumpropes and that blasted Jump! song.)

First, we do work in the gym -- weights, balls, medicine balls, etc. THEN, we do work outside -- that's the part I like because we're all over jumping up on walls and doing push-ups on fences and that kind of thing. THEN, we get in the pool for some water-aerobics kind of stuff. I love it becasue my ADD stuff never has a chance to kick in.

And it's working!!! Since I started in with Charlotte in January, I've lost a little less than 7 lbs. (Three of those in the last week!) My body fat percentage has decreased about 9%. AND I've lost about 3.25 of those all-important "inches." (Most of which have been replaced with muscle!)

So yea!!! I still have about 12 lbs. to go, but I'm working on it! Just wanted you to know!!!


Anonymous said...

I think it is safe to say we all dreaded having sports with Coach May. I personally hated running lines!


JenniferS said...

Oh my gosh, you go girl! I've lost over 27 lbs now. I'm going for 50 but you will never catch me in a bikini!