Sunday, April 6, 2008

More Costa Rica Pix

Okay. So I took picture after picture after picture of monkeys and birds and lizards and such in trees. And I have picture after picture of leaves. But at least in this picture you can see the monkey!!

This guy was pretty cool, don't you think?

Look! There's Brad Pitt! Oh, wait, it's just another lizard.

These birds were at a wildlife refuge where we had lunch.

This is a red macaw at the wildlife refuge.

On our way to lunch on Friday, we passed the winter nurseries for DeltaPine -- the company Dad works for. So I skipped dessert (yes, me!) and asked the driver to take me back there, so I could get a picture. My pitiful Spanish didn't get me in the gate, but here I am!

This would be the Big Momma crocodile.

Baby Croc.

This is the second-most active volcano in Costa Rica (I think.) I could have gotten closer to get the picture, but there was an electric fence in the way. Experience has taught me to stay on my side of such a fence!!

Okay. Here's the waterfall that was just the coolest thing. It was about 25 minutes down the worst caliche road you ever did see -- way back in a ginormous pasture. You got to the end of the road, hiked a little ways in, and found paradise!

This was in a little grotto beside the waterfall.

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