Thursday, April 3, 2008

Costa Rica Pix

Sorry! Didn't have time to write captions this morning. I've got tons of pix and will post more as I can.

This is about as rough as our rafting trip got: (Not very.)

The other girls who were with us:

Long-nosed bats:

Some green lizardy thing:

Aren't the helmets cool???


Yes!!! It's Molly Shannon!! Superstar!! With our friend Sherry:

And some dork who got in the way of what would have been an awesome picture!!


Kate said...

Is that Molly Shannon?

TexPatriate said...

Is that Molly Shannon ?

TexPatriate said...

And. . .what ARE those things in the fourth picture ?

Toads ? Long-legged toads ? Bats ? Popsicle-stick animals ?

<== soooooo curious