Wednesday, April 23, 2008

3-Day Update

Hi Friends!
I just wanted to take a minute to bring you up to speed on Team Tiara and the Breast Cancer 3-Day! We’ve had so much going on lately that I really don’t know where to start!

First, let me say this team has totally exploded on the scene. When we finished the walk last fall, I was hoping we could build a team of 50 for 2008. With 50 walkers, we would raise a minimum of $110,000. I had no idea our team would grow so quickly!!!

Right now, we have 47 people on our team and have raised $22,700! And it’s only April! Can you believe it?? We still have seven more months to accomplish our fundraising goals. This is going to be so cool!

And you know what’s really fun? For the last month or so, Team Tiara has been the top fundraising team in Dallas. (The competitive spirit in me is all over that!)

So how can you help? As usual, I have quite a list!

We need great recipes! We are putting together our first fundraising cookbook and need your recipes! Please email recipes to me at We need them by May 1.

Please make a donation to the Breast Cancer 3-Day. Donating is so simple. Just go to and click on “Donate to D’Lyn.” It’s that easy! Donations to the 3-Day are tax-deductible, and as soon as you donate, a receipt will be sent to you via email.

If donating online isn’t your cup of tea, please send a check my way. You can make it out to “Breast Cancer 3-Day” and send it to me in the mail.

Please consider walking with us. We need more team members in order to meet our goal! I promise you this will be an experience like no other. Just go to and click on “Join D’Lyn’s Team.”

Please pray specifically for our team to stay healthy and strong. In addition to the usual aches and pains that go along with training for an endurance event, we have several people on our team who have health issues that make training an even bigger challenge. And we have a couple of survivors on our team as well.

As we continue training you can find updates and additional prayer requests (and pictures of the girls) on my blog at:

We appreciate your prayers, recipes and financial support! Thank you for helping Team Tiara raise bucketfuls of money for breast cancer research and education!

We Will find a cure!

For my Mom,

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