Thursday, March 13, 2008

What a Week!!!

Well, folks, we've had quite the week around here. My pictures aren't exactly in order, but let's see....

On Sunday, I took the girls and a friend of theirs to see Hannah Montana at the rodeo. That's right, me and about 79,799 screaming little girls. It really was a great show. Abbie, Kait and Aubrey loved it. I noticed that one great difference from the usual rodeo was that there weren't a lot of drunk people sloshing beer everywhere. That part rocked -- a definite "plus" to a crowd where about 75 % of the audience was under the age of 16!!!

I will say, though, that all my years of interning at the show, and then all my years of mooching great seats from Doyce spoiled me beyond all compare. After all those years of sitting on the bucking chutes or the 3rd row from the dirt, my $16 nosebleed seats weren't too great.

Here's the view from where we were sitting....

Here are the girls....

Kait with the stage in the background....

I zoomed in on the screen....

And of course, Billy Ray Cyrus came out and sang about his "Achy, Breaky Heart."

Saturday was Softball Opening Day in Fairfield -- it's a HUGE deal here. This is Abbie's team in the Parade -- They're the Jinx.

Here's Kait's team -- the Diamond Magic.

Here's Kait rounding the bases in her first game of the year. Abbie doesn't play until later in March, but Kait has already had two games. She's still a butterfly-chaser. I think if she'd ever get it together and pay attention she'd be quite the ballplayer. But it's not happening yet.

Like I said, this has been A WEEK. We had the softball thing on Saturday, then Saturday night Biggs and I went to dinner in The Woodlands (Janelle, we ate at Jasper's!!!) with some friends of his from work that are going to Costa Rica with us. Then, on Sunday, we had the whole Hannah Montana thing -- definitely a full day.

In the midst of everything else, yearbook is due tomorrow. So I've been scrambling trying to help get it finished. We're very, very close to having it done. I can't tell you how happy I am about that. It will be such a huge relief to get it turned in.

Monday a HUGE storm came through. Little hail. LOTS of wind and rain.

Tuesday, the fields were still swamped, so we couldn't have softball practice. After Kait's ballet class (she's found her calling~!!!), Biggs and I took the girls to the Rice / UT game. We have the BEST seats this season!!! We were really close to Gary Kubiak (now that I know who he is -- that's kinda cool.) The girls were tired, and not all that patient about the game. I don't think we'll be making any more school-night games with them along!

Yesterday Biggs flew to Indiana for work -- leaving me here to fly solo. I had a burglar alarm installed last month, and I can tell you, I sleep much better now when he's gone. But yesterday REALLY wasn't the day to leave town.

Then, today, I got my copy of the Texas Aggie with the 3-Day article in it. And guess what??? The writer (who is precious) wrote my name as D'Lyn Stephens-Biggs. I think the confusion was in the fact that Mom's name was Stephens. BUT now there are going to be a whole passel of people out there who either don't know it's me, think they're losing it because they thought my last name was Lloyd, or are wondering just how many times I've been divorced!! Egads!!! Oh well, the point isn't for me to be famous in the whole Aggie realm, is it?? The point is to raise awareness of breast cancer -- and the article totally does that. SO.... Mission Accomplished.


I know that all sounds kind of complaining / whiney. You need a dose of positive, don't you?? Well, here you go.....

Would you believe that Team Tiara has ALREADY raised almost $13,500 this year? Can you believe it?? And everywhere I go, I talk to people who are interested in joining us. THAT is awesome!!

It's late, and I've got to get some sleep. The girls and I are headed to Snyder on Saturday, back here Tuesday and to the Creek on Wed. I'm supposed to paint the creek house over spring break. I'll post pictures when I'm done!!!

Big Hugs,


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