Thursday, February 7, 2008

Prayer Requests and Praises

First: Praise! Princess Addison is getting so big!!! She should be coming home from the hospital soon!! Isn't she precious!!! I think this girl was meant to wear a tiara!!!
Prayer Requests: I've mentioned this before, but there are two students at Abbie's school that have leukemia. Clayton is in Abbie's class. He had his last chemo treatment today, but word has it he will have to have a bone marrow transplant. Please pray for Clayton and his family. For the precious first graders in his class as they try to understand what's going on. Clayton has been out of school since Christmas, and it's starting to sink in with the kids that he's just been gone too long. And please pray for Mrs. Evans, Abbie's teacher, as she reaches out to her class, helping them understand. And at the same time tries to reach out to Clayton and his family. I think she's done an awesome job. Abbie's been telling us about the cards and videos they've made in class. But I can tell my sweet Abbie is really worried about her friend. Yesterday, we took a little bag of treats over and left it on Clayton's doorstep. Abbie made sure to draw dinosaurs and frogs all over the bag -- because that's what he likes. She also drew all these people that were representative of her classmates with a little "word bubble" thing that said, "whar's Clayton?" (That Texas accent even comes out in her spelling, doesn't it?)
Please pray also for little Elise. Elise is the kindergartner at Abbie's school that is at Children's right now. I just heard from her Mom that the cells for her bone marrow transplant will be delivered between 1 and 2 a.m. That makes her transplant day this Friday. This is Elise's third round of cancer and second bone marrow transplant. She is such a precious little girl -- just a little pixie, really. We all want this bone marrow transplant to take!!! You know, the slogan for the 3-Day is "Everyone Deserves a Lifetime." But that doesn't just apply to those who face the terror of breast cancer and what it does to their families. Elise deserves a lifetime. A lifetime to play dress-up and softball. A lifetime to go to school with her friends and to run around the track on "jog days." A lifetime to grow up and go to the prom and graduation and college and get married and have kids and a career and be a rocket scientist or a rodeo clown or whatever it is she wants to be. Please pray along with me that sweet Elise gets that lifetime. And Clayton, too. These children are precious.
Finally, please pray for all the women I'm walking in support of:
Sonja, as she follows the "non-traditional" path because the traditional ways of keeping cancer at bay don't seem to work for her.
Patty, who found out last week that she has breast cancer, and for her sister-in-law Sherry, a survivor, who is helping her walk the path.
Stephanie, the queen of the Talent, who's taking a month off of chemo to recharge.
Carrie, who has her lumpectomy scheduled for Feb. 12, and faces radiation after that.
Becky, who is headed into reconstruction soon.
Denise, as she recovers from her 15th surgery in three years.
Susan, of WhyMommy fame, as she recovers from her mastectomy.
I'm sure there are others that I just can't think of right now. This is just way too many as it is.
Thanks for joining me in prayer!!!
Biggs Hugs,

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