Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Love Milestones!!

I love milestones. I love the little green signs that tell you just how far it is to the next town (restroom.) I love the sense of completion you get when you finish putting together a quilt square. I love the little things in life that tell you you're getting somewhere -- not just the signs that tell you a restroom is just 10 miles away, but the little steps that say, "Hey, you're going in the right direction. You're going to get there!"

Team Tiara hit two milestones today -- how cool is that? When Lisa and I walked two years ago, we raised a little over $6000 for breast cancer research. Today, when it's only February, and the 3-Day is still nine months away, we hit the $6000 mark -- and beyond.

And today, when it's only February, and we still have nine more months to sign up more team members, our 20th team member joined our team.


We're headed in the right direction. We're going to get there. For Carrie, who had a very successful lumpectomy yesterday. For Kristine, who found out this week she has leukemia. For Lois, whose health lies in the balance of just how many germs her body can fight off without having a spleen to help keep her safe.

Keep praying!
- d.

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