Saturday, January 26, 2008

We made it!!!

So... How do you like the picture at the top of the page?? It's one of my favorites from the L.A. shoot. I know it's kind of big, but I don't know how to shrink it. So... we'll just let it go like it is! I'll try to swap out pictures every now and then to liven things up!!!

I guess that picture is Reason #56586 why you should walk in the 3-Day with us this year. Throughout the 3-Day and the trip to L.A., I had several comments on my great legs and cute little butt. Seriously. Me. That's right. Me. Before you fall off your chair in absolute disbelief, let me tell you the 3-Day does great things for your legs and butt! It does!!! I promise!!! You should try it!!!

So anyway... Now that I'm through bragging about how cute I look in a tennis skirt... We made it through a week of Biggs being out of the country. Woo-Hoo!!! He's been in the UK / Italy since last Saturday and comes home today. We are ready!!! He is so good about calling and talking to the girls when he's out of town. And when he's in another time zone he makes them figure out what time it is there. They love it. They really thought it was cool that he was waking up on Friday morning at the same time I was going to sleep on Thursday night.

Of course, my new suitcase that he took with him got totally destroyed on the trip from Italy back to the UK. So he had to file a claim on it. I'm not sure what the process is on that, but I'm hoping it doesn't take long to replace it.

And he's not going to have much time to get over jet-lag once he gets home. Softball try-outs and the draft are this next week. That means now that the sun is FINALLY back out in Houston, we've got to work with Abbie some this weekend. She's automatically on our team, since we're coaching. But she still has to go through the try-outs. Hopefully we can get in some hitting today and tomorrow.

Guess that's it. Gotta run clean a little more before he gets home!!!

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