Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quick News!!!

Hey all!

Quick little update -- more when I can.

First, PRAISE GOD! Stephanie got to go home from the hospital this weekend! And no oxygen!!! "Great is Thy Faithfulness" has been going through my head over and over (well, that and some Hannah Montana song Kait has been singing) since Friday. God is so Faithful. What a miracle he has already brought -- just in her coming home. And I know he can work an even bigger miracle and heal her outright. I'm praying for that!!!

The Top-knotch crew in L.A. sent us our media packets this week. This is one of the pictures of Mary, Stephanie and I. Mary lost her Mom last summer as well. She's an Aggie.....

... Which leads me to my next topic!!! On Tuesday of this week I drove up to the Holy Land to meet with none other than Stephanie Jeter, up-and-coming staff writer with the Texas Aggie. In yet another example of how He takes care of the tiniest details, our Maker assigned our story to this Godly young woman. I can't wait to see what she writes about The Talent and the three Aggies who were a part of this incredible adventure.

On Thursday of this week, I interviewed for a REAL, LIVE JOB with the 3-Day!!! Craziness!!! This is a great opportunity to work with something I'm incredibly passionate about. I'm still trying decide if it's the best move for me right now. Will you please be praying about that? Is this really the best thing for our family right now?

On the topic of the 3-Day.... I'm trying to revamp how I do my fundraising this year. I looked at how much I spent on postage last year -- and it was a chunk!!! If I can do the majority of my fundraising via emails, that's more money I can donate! So.... here's the link:

Here's the link to join our team:

Please make your donation or join our team soon. I'll still do a mail-out to people I haven't heard from, but I'll wait until this summer to give you time to donate online. We have been so blessed to have tremendous support for this. Your donations are helping God work through the hands of countless researchers, oncologists, radiologists, etc. Thank you!

I've gotta run for now. More later. I just wanted to share those things with you this morning!!!

Many Blessings,


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Kate said...

Just wanted to let you know I am still following your blog and enjoying it. I am super busy with work so my comments are kinda "here and there". Hopefully will slow down in mid-February.