Sunday, January 13, 2008

Please pray for Stephanie

Suzi and I met up with some of the other "Talent" in Ft. Worth yesterday to see our sweet friend Stephanie in the hospital. She and her family are in need of your fervent prayers.
All of the chemo she has done has now done irreversible damage to her heart -- she's at 30 percent functioning on the right side. Yesterday, she signed a DNR. We were able to spend some time with Steph's family, but everyone was feeling the weight of this most recent diagnosis. They're all trying to be strong, but this is all so hard. CANCER SUCKS. It's so hard to watch her Daddy interact with her. She's his middle girl, the one who was always tough. The one who he took fishing and hunting. And he's trying so very hard to be strong for her right now. It just breaks my heart.
We didn't meet Steph's daughter, Jennifer. But we did get to see David. They told David what was going on while we were there last night. While they were telling him about her heart damage, we were in a prayer circle in the waiting room. It was good to be able to give them that -- to pray for them during that time.
We have GOT to find a cure. This is a story that is played out all over the world, far too many times a day. Everywhere you go, there are precious people fighting for their lives. Precious marriages and families and friendships being ripped apart by cancer's angry snare.
We've begun our 2008 fundraising for the 3-Day. You can donate online at
Much love,

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