Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Biggs got me a personal trainer for Christmas. Well, 10 sessions with the trainer up at our neighborhood gym. So last week I went for the first time. GREAT! We did my legs, abs, etc. My strong suit -- especially after walking a bajillion miles. (Well, maybe not my abs.) Got me back on the road to being in shape. I've walked, done weights or both six of the last seven days.

Man, was I proud of myself.

And then, today, I met with her again. Upper body. YIKES. I apparently have absolutely no upper-body strength. I am so out of balance!!! I felt like a total wimp and am already so incredibly sore.

The good news? My 10th workout with Charlotte is the week we go to Costa Rica. NINE more weeks to get in shape! I'll keep ya posted!!

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