Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monday, Monday....

Here's what will probably be the last installment of cruise pix. I know.... We've been home for two weeks, it's about time, isn't it???

Here's Abs on the rock wall. Biggs got so excited about her climbing all the way up and ringing the bell that he forgot to take a picture of the actual bell-ringing, but here she is on the way up.

Here we all are on the last morning -- when we up and realized we had no family pictures from the trip. YIKES!!!

Abbie was an elephant in the Adventure Ocean circus...

Tiger Woods, watch out. This family rocks at miniature golf!

The girls performed in their first-ever talent show!

Aren't they cute????

And here is the Jake-induced backyard carnage that awaited us when we got home! Apparently, Jake got tired of waiting for us to put in a pool, so he decided to do it himself!

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