Sunday, December 16, 2007

Merry Christmas from the Biggs Family!

We ate our blacked-eyed peas on New Year’s Day, but this year they didn’t work. In honor of Granny, who loved to hear news of our family more than just about anyone else, we give you….

Our Little Moments from 2007

As 2007 began, we were still trying to get unpacked and settled into the new home we’d built in McKinney. Sweet Sara Beckett joined our family February – May and introduced us to life with a 16-year-old girl in the house. Jake barked all night. D’Lyn and friends began building “Team Tiara” for the Breast Cancer 3-Day. Abbie played her first season of soccer. Biggs coached Abbie & Kait’s softball teams – the Red Hots and the Groovy Girls. “I’m half doe, half buck. I’m a duck!” As the drought ended in North Texas with the wettest spring ever, we contemplated the purchase of an ark. “I’m half Mommy, half Daddy. I’m a goose!” Abbie had mono. The girls spent hours riding bikes with the neighbor kids in front of our house. Jake barked all night. We discovered Rosati’s pizza. Mmmmm…. Kaitlyn never walks more than ten steps before she starts running. We found out we were moving to Houston. Biggs took the girls camping at Lake Ray Roberts while D’Lyn put offers on two houses in Houston. Abbie’s softball team rocked the coach pitch league. Jake barked all night. We moved to Houston on June 16. The playhouse made the trek, thanks to Uncle Alan, a big truck, a 4-wheeler, and moving a tree in our backyard. The tree still hasn’t recovered. On June 20, D’Lyn’s Mom was diagnosed with a tumor at the base of her skull. The next month was a blur of hospital stays and tests. We were blessed to have family and good friends “fill the gap” for us. The Sandusky, McCall and Jones families incorporated Abbie & Kait into their homes, families and churches, so D’Lyn could spend time with Granny. When Granny joined Jesus on July 21 she left a hole in our lives and hearts that can’t be filled. Through everything, God demonstrated compassion, love, and His amazing power to care for us even in the tiniest details. D’Lyn began writing again. Abbie rode in the Grand Entry at the Snyder Rodeo. We began meeting new friends in Houston and enjoyed re-connecting with dear friends from before. We hosted a debut party for High School Musical 2. Pa bought a big, new boat. Belly Flopper…. He’s in there! Jake barked all night. The girls swam a lot. Abbie started 1st grade at Keith Elementary – about ½ mile from our house. Kaitlyn started her last year of preschool at The Met – about 25 minutes from our house. Yikes! Our Opening Weekend dove hunt made the Dallas Morning News. Biggs finally got a riding lawn mower. Abbie was promoted to the GT program at school. Slug Bug! Kaitlyn’s new school is the “huggiest” place ever. Abbie is making a fortune off the tooth fairy! Jake barked all night. We had season tickets for Rice Football and a parking space with our name on it! Both girls played fall soccer, and Abbie turned into quite the goalie. Kaitlyn turned 5 and celebrated with a cookie decorating party. D’Lyn & Biggs celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary with a trip to Vail. We rented a Hummer, hiked up the mountain twice, rode mountain bikes and horses… and were very sore by the time our vacation was over! Jake barked all night. Biggs got an iPod for his birthday, so he’s cool now. From Abbie: “Kaitlyn, your piece of lasagna is the square piece because your head is kind of square.” Kaitlyn sings all the time -- and in tune! Grandpa Weldon booked a cruise, so he could take Aunt M’Lys, Aunt A’Lise and the Biggs Bunch on a vacation over the Christmas Holidays. Team Tiara raised over $38,000, contributing to the $6.5 million raised in the DFW Breast Cancer 3-Day. D’Lyn walked all 60 miles with no blisters. Biggs, Abbie & Kait made the trek to Dallas to surprise Mommy. Susan G. Komen for the Cure flew D’Lyn, Suzi Bruin and 15 new friends, AKA “The Talent,” to L.A. to shoot a TV commercial. A new HEB opened just up the road! Abbie turned 7 and got a hunting vest and cap for her birthday. A&M beat Texas. Kaitlyn learned to ride her bicycle without training wheels. Biggs got a deer. Kait’s learning to read. The other day, she came in and said, “Mom, what does W-I-I spell?

As you look back on your own little moments in 2007, we wish you the greatest of blessings!

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Kate said...

Love your Christmas post! I guess I need to get to work on one for myself. I've been slacking in the blog area.