Friday, December 28, 2007

Quick Update!

Hi all!!
This is gonna be quick -- we leave for our cruise Sunday morning. M'Lys and A'Lise are coming in today. Dad, our deer that's been processed in Hamilton, and Kathy get here tomorrow. The cleaning lady never showed today. I'm not packed. You get the idea!!!

Just a couple of quick praises / prayer requests: My friend Stephanie is back in the hospital because her white blood cells bottomed out. They can't give her the Neupogen to bring them back up because of the "Sweet Syndrome" she developed. Please pray!!! Baby Addison is doing great. We could have told the nurses to expect that -- her Mama is one competitive chick when it comes to Nertz. AND she did the 3-Day 5 months pregnant!!! Finally, a HUGE praise -- Elise Goertz got home from the hospital on Christmas Eve. How cool is that???

Here are a few pix from our Christmas -- it's been a bit crazy!!!

Alan & Amber gave us a bunch of steaks from Omaha steaks. The girls aren't that into the steaks -- they just had fun "playing" with the dry ice that was in the ice chest!

Here are a couple of the doll outfits for the girls.

Christmas with the Stephens and Daman families...

Abbie's Gingerbread house from school....

M'Lys made these cute reindeer hats for the girls....

Ya'll have a wonderful holiday!!! I'll send pix from the cruise and more news as soon as I can!

Big Hugs,


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