Friday, December 14, 2007

Keep your damp hands, and your damp feet, off the chalkboard!!!!

This has been running through my head way too much in the last couple of weeks. I think it's because I'm knee-deep in making doll clothes for the girls for Christmas. I mean Knee-Deep. I'll post some pictures this weekend.

But you see, SJ was one of the people who helped teach me to sew. In fact, I was at her house doing 4-H sewing when Ronald Reagan was shot. Crazy huh? Anyway, she's been at the front of my mind a lot lately. So has her trademark admonition!!! (I was short -- those weren't my feet!!!)

I don't know what it is about BHS memories, but I couldn't get away from another one last night. We were at Biggs' company Christmas dinner at a rather fancy hotel down by Rice. One of the appetizers was grilled Quail. Well, this poor thing was laid out spread-eagle on top of some corn casserole patty. I'd never thought about how dead frogs and dead, spread-eagle quail had the same shape until last night. But I swear, it looked just like the frog that Kate Ph. stood up in Mr. C's Science class that time. Do ya'll remember that?

Oh, the memories....

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Kate said...

Took me a second to understand the SJ ! Can't say I remember Kate's frog thing - I was probably talking. :)