Friday, December 14, 2007

Breast Cancer 3-Day Ad

The commercial isn't out yet, but the Full-Page, Running in Oprah Magazine is!!!!

I can't figure out how to load a file, but I know how to put a link on here.... It will take a little while to load -- it's huge.

My friend Stephanie is much better at all this than I am. While you're on her site, take a moment to pray for her. I'm praising God that she should be out of the hospital tomorrow!!!

The cool thing about the ad is knowing the back-story behind it. The big picture is of Cissa. Cissa lost her cousin this summer to a long fight with breast cancer.

Along the bottom.... Those chicks on the left? No idea.

The next picture is of Jewel -- an amazing woman in Dallas who has single-handedly been responsible for raising awareness of breast cancer among black women. There's no telling how many lives have been saved through her perserverence!!!

The mother and son are Stephanie and David. You've read Stephanie's story on my blog. Please pray for them. My running-buddy Suzi is in the background of that picture!!!

The picture on the far right is of Ed and Sherry. They live in Victoria and are just the sweetest, in-love couple you ever did see. Sherry is about 7 months past chemo. They rock!

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TexPatriate said...

You guys make me cry. . .

in the best possible way.