Monday, November 5, 2007

"The Talent"

There's always room for Nertz!

Yes, I'm a dork -- had to have my picture taken with just about everyone! Here I am with Liza.

This guy is extremely important. He ran this little tent that was stocked with food all the time! AND what's more... He's my "2 degrees from Brad Pitt" guy. Last week he was on a movie set where he made Brad Pitt a tuna sandwich. Just. Like. Mine! (Would you believe he pulls down $125K a year catering on sets? Too cool!)

Jewel was a hoot! She kept us all laughing! Here she's teaching the "young uns" to line dance! (Yes, Suzi qualifies as a "young un.")

Megan & Amy. Amy lost her Mom while she was a sophomore at A&M. I loved what she had to say about the 3-Day. That it finally gave her a chance to stomp her foot and voice her opinion. Megan and Amy were also walking in honor of their mother-in-law, a survivor.

Three Aggies. Three young women who've lost their Moms to cancer. One club we're thrilled to be members of. The other we would have done anything to stay out of.

We met Rex in Dallas, and were thrilled to see him in L.A. Rex writes a lot of the material for Opening and Closing ceremonies and is responsible for a ton of the other stuff associated with 3-Day Marketing.

Outside the "Talent Lounge:" Here are Ed and Sherry -- with Jeneanne in the middle. Ed & Sherry are from Victoria, and Jeneanne is from San Diego. Jeneanne wasn't going to walk in the 3-Day this year, but after spending the weekend with us decided to sign up to do it. You go, girl!

Ed & Sherry pose with Chris the Driver -- he's not the one that got us lost!!!

Marilyn -- Oops -- Suzi climbs into Wardrobe & Makeup.

This is Cissa. She lost her cousin to breast cancer this summer. Cissa rocks. In her still portraits, she looks like she's about 12. She's precious. And she has three kids under the age of five. YIKES!

Suzi & I pose with Kait & Julie -- two of the other masterminds behind the 3-Day!!! Kait designed much of the logo wear and buttons that we all love!

This picture is for my Mom. She loved to take pictures of pretty skies out the windows of airplanes! This is on our flight home last night.

More pictures to come!

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