Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"The Talent" Does Laundry???

I have to say.... "The Talent" is having a hard time adjusting back to Mommy-hood. After being completely spoiled this weekend, doing laundry and dishes really aren't that high on my list.

I'd rather just sit here and continue to bask in the warm glow left from this weekend.

I walked yesterday -- six miles. And I think I cried for about 5.5 of them. It wasn't that I was sad -- although the sadness never really goes away. But it was just that all this emotion had to have somewhere to go.

But I've got to walk. Thanks to the crew in L.A., I managed to gain THREE pounds! Yikes! And then I come home to two plastic pumpkins of Halloween candy. How is it that my children don't like the "good" candy? Oh no.... They'll leave all the Reese's and Kit Kats and all that jazz for me -- they just want the Tootsie Roll Pops. So I've eaten more than my fair share of chocolate since I got home!

Please continue to pray for my new friends. For a healing miracle for my new friend Stephanie. For Sherry, Tina, Lois and Denise to remain cancer-free. For Denise's reconstruction to finally be successul. (She's had 15 surgeries since she was diagnosed three years ago at the age of 33.)For healing of the hearts of those of us who have lost our Moms: Jeaneanne, Amy, Mary and me.

And please pray for little Sophie as she has a brain tumor removed (for the second time) the week after Thanksgiving. Pray for peace and strength in their household and for quick and complete healing for Sophie.

- d.

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Anonymous said...

I am totally cracking up at the 2 degrees of Brad Pitt comment. Do we need to move to LA and start a catering business?