Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sunshine on My Shoulder

Just so you don't think I'm totally immersed in self-pity, I wanted to share a couple of things that are making me happy these days....

First, Team Tiara bought me a beautiful bracelet in celebration of the 3-Day. You can see a picture of one like it at

I love it and wear it on my left wrist with my Mom's bracelet. One is a remind of a woman who loved me very much. The other is a reminder of 16 women who love and share and are determined to make a difference.

Another thing that makes me happy -- Milton sent me a dozen pink roses to thank me for doing the Walk. Beautiful roses -- a pink ribbon bouquet. What girl doesn't love flowers?

Another thing that makes my happy -- Abbie's 7th birthday is tomorrow. This child, who is such a treasure and was a miracle from the start is going to be SEVEN! She doesn't want a traditional birthday party -- for her birthday party she just wants to go fishing at the Creek. But thanks to soccer and all that goes with it, we can't go this weekend or next. So we're going the weekend after Thanksgiving. We'll be there for the Boat Parade. How cool is that???

I can't let her actual birthday go by unnoticed. I've invited several of her little friends over for a playdate tomorrow and have ordered a cake to surprise her with. Biggs doesn't get back until late tomorrow, so we're going to wait to do a birthday dinner with Mimi and Pa on Saturday night. Abbie, being Abbie, wants Chinese -- so Chinese it is!!!

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