Sunday, November 25, 2007

Post-Turkey Update

I apologize for not having written a "real" post in DAYS, but things have been very crazy around here the last few days. I spent all day Wednesday getting ready for Thanksgiving. Then, we had about 23 of Biggs' relatives here for the festivities. Then, the second they all left, I started decorating for Christmas.
Before I get to Christmas, here's a picture from Abbie's birthday -- #7!!!

We were supposed to go to the Creek this weekend for Abs' "official" birthday party, but the weather has just been horrible. So we stayed in Houston and got a lot done. Biggs did the lights on the front of the house while I did the trees and such on the inside. I'm not completely done, but I've just about got everything but my village done.

I really thought it was going to be hard to decorate this year. I braced myself for it to be all emotional and everything. But surprisingly it wasn't. It was just really, really sweet. We've all collected Christmas ornaments for forever and a day. And it was a very positive trip down memory lane for me. So many of my Christmas decorations are linked to Mom in some way or another, and I loved putting them up.

Here's our tree in the family room. Anthony & Cheryl -- note the Santa pix are on the mantel right where they belong!

Not all of my Christmas ornaments made the move from McKinney in one piece -- but check out the bows on the staircase that did really well!

I've never been big on theme trees, but Jacquie got a new tree last week and donated her old one to our dining room. I've been telling everyone it's my "Jesus tree." Doyce and I used to trade dove ornaments each year, so those are all on there, along with all the angel, nativity and heart ornaments in the house.

The china cabinet even got in the act. The top shelf has Biggs' grandmother's singing angels and Mom's "Noel" angels that she got from Grandma and Velma Lee. Growing up, we all had a great time turning them into the "Leon" angels from time to time. The china doll and blue willow tea set were Mom's as well. See? Sweet memories....

Finally, here is one fairly naked Christmas card tree. As you can see, we've yet to get any Christmas cards to hang on it. So ya'll better get busy!! Our cards will be out as soon as I get a picture, get it printed, order the cards, address the envelops and write and print the letters! Whew! Better get busy!!!

Merry Christmas!

- D'Lyn


Anonymous said...

Hey, your decorations look great. The weather here in Abilene forced me to stay in this weekend and finish the decorations at my house. What I was most impressed by was the fact that you actually have wrapped presents under your tree. Way to go!!
Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Think the card tree is a great idea.
Linda West