Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Foot News

Okay. I think I'm getting old -- I'm reporting foot news, but here goes....

My heel was perfect all through the 3-Day -- something that can only be attributed to the power of prayer. But since the 3-Day it's gotten worse. I saw a new podiatrist on Monday. This one came highly recommended by another 3-Day walker and fellow "Talent," Sherry Taylor.

I have a crush on this new doctor. Not the same kind of crush I have on Craig Biggio. Not nearly as big a crush, and not because he's cute or anything like that.

I have a crush on him because he's going to fix my foot. And at this stage of the game, anyone who's positive about fixing things is my kind of doctor.

First, he started by flattering me -- not a bad place to start. He said I was too young and too small to have this problem. I AGREE!!!

That enormously high arch that I have is the trouble maker. No arch support or insole of any kind works for me. So... He taped it, did an ultrasound treatment and prescribed Lodine. All of this is geared at reducing the inflammation. It does feel much better.

But we all know 5 minutes of prayer can accomplish more than 5 weeks of treatment. So please be praying that this will work. So much of who I am is tied up in being active -- whether it's cooking or walking or shopping -- I don't ever sit. This has really been hard for me. Thanks for your prayers!!!

Love you,

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Kate said...

Gotta love a little foot news. Nice to be able to go to a cute doctor though!

Kate Po.