Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Blessing from one of God's Great Gifts

If you know my cousin Carla, you know that she's one of God's great gifts to this Earth. She has an incredible voice, a giving spirit and has been my mentor for longer than I can remember. She's one of my most cherished friends. She sent me this, and it's just too precious for me to keep to myself.

Carl, I love you.

To: D'Lyn Biggs

I, Carla Sandusky, being of sort of sound mind and heavenly body, do hereby officially lease you 50% of all calling rights and daughterly privileges for the rest of this earthly address for my one said mother, also known as "Aunt Nelva" to certain parties. These are anytime minutes and privileges, renewable by simply bragging on her bread. Someone will always answer, though intelligible, useful responses are not always guaranteed. The satisfaction of knowing someone who loves you is touching your same frequency is guaranteed. Service is comparable to On-Star...never consider yourself alone. You have the back-up you need 24-7; please, please just use it. It may not be exactly what you had, but this new plan will try to meet most of your needs, once you get used to it. Nothing is ever as good as the original version; thanks to God that He makes things perfect in the end.

Signed with a kiss this 8th day of November, 2007, with invisible, indelible ink. XOXOXOXO

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Anonymous said...

Better take up the offer
Linda West