Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Awesome T-Shirts!!

Hi Ya'll!

Okay. I just had to post a link to a dear friend's website. It's

Carol is a sweet friend from Plano. We first met her at the Jr. League's Neath the Wreath Christmas show in 2001 -- the weekend Abbie turned 1. Mom had come in for her birthday, so we decided to check out the show.

Mom loved Carol's shirts, and after that buying one each year became a family tradition. I've been trying all week to track her down (we both moved this summer), but no luck until tonight when I stumbled on her website. Her shirts are great. They hold up really well -- they're a great quality.

My girls have had a ton of "Carol" shirts -- I Love to Swim, I Love to Flip, Big Sister, Little Sister, Princess, Nativity, etc. She does all the artwork and production herself -- she rocks!!!

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